What will be exciting in 2018

What will be exciting in 2018

Not only is our consumer behavior affected by ongoing digitization, but also how we will deal with our finances in the future will be fundamentally changed by new technological achievements. One speaks of disruptive technologies when new systems revolutionize existing markets.

Cryptocurrencies are currently enjoying a tremendous amount of attention, even if the suspicion creeps that only a few of the euphoric buyers have actually understood the purpose and function of the technology. But you can see that the enthusiasm for new paths is unbroken and since the expectation is always traded, you can almost speak of common sense that the financial industry will undergo a major change.

The coming year will continue to be shaped by new start-ups that will change the previous understanding of banking and personal financial planning in the long term. Personal finance management systems will give us new control over our income and expenses and make previously unused potential transparently usable for everyone. Invoices are being digitized and our collections of paper documents could soon be a thing of the past. New technologies allow us to make international transfers at lightning speed and the world will become even more networked.

The more we shift our activities into the digital world, the greater our need for security. There will be new ways of identification and authentication that protect us in the increasingly complex digital world. Digitization is still just beginning in many enrichers and will continue to change our lives and everyday life.

creditPass sees itself as a valuable data supplier in this new world and is looking forward to the new tasks in the financial sector and the securing of payments. We will use our know-how to continue to be a valuable and reliable partner in the face of the increasing demands of digitization and look forward to new collaborations that will result from it. Of course, you can continue to follow our current development here in the creditPass news.