FAQ – Answers to the most common questions

For who is creditPass®?

creditPass is suitable for companies and companies that want to access business reports via the Internet at any time and from any location in order to efficiently reduce their bad debts. The direct integration of creditPass is particularly suitable for companies that make several hundred inquiries per month and want to access various renowned business reports via just one interface.

What data can be queried with the help of creditPass®?

With creditPass you have the possibility to carry out personal, address, company, account, card, IP and compliance checks and address investigations. In doing so, creditPass uses various external databases in order to be able to provide a comprehensive picture of the customer. The individual query options can be combined as required using the modular principle.

What data do I need to be able to start queries?

For personal and address checks, you need the full name and address of the person to be checked. This is necessary in order to clearly identify people. For company information, you need the name of the company and its address. For account checks, the account number and bank code or IBAN are sufficient. The full name is sufficient for sanction list checks.

Where does the information from creditPass® come from?

For queries, creditPass uses the databases of various well-known credit agencies with data from, among other things, the mail order and retail sectors, official debtor registers, insurance companies and telecommunications. How up-to-date is the requested data? The databases on which the queries from creditPass are based are continuously updated and are therefore always up to date.

Does the credit report have negative consequences for the checked customer or does it cause economic damage?

No, the information itself has no consequences for the person asked. Can anyone get information from creditPass? No, the creditPass risk management platform is only available to business customers. Furthermore, information may only be obtained if there is a legitimate interest in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act. This must be confirmed in writing beforehand and will be punished with severe penalties if it is violated.

How long does it take until I receive my query result?

You will usually receive your query result immediately after your request. Company checks and address inquiries are an exception. Here you will be informed by email as soon as the result is available.

How quickly will I be activated?

After we have received the signed order form and your documents have been checked, you will receive your access data within 5 working days, depending on the tariff.

Which persons may I query / What does "legitimate interest" mean?

For reasons of data protection law, a query is only permitted if there is a “legitimate interest” in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act. This is always given when the person concerned has signaled their interest in initiating a business transaction (e.g. by placing an order or submitting an application). In particular, there is a legitimate interest if the person to be checked has requested an offer that requires individual coordination with this person (e.g. in the case of insurance contracts). There may also be a legitimate interest in existing business relationships, for example if the terms and conditions are to be readjusted or if processing takes place in the inquirer’s claims management. The registration or enforcement of civil law claims (warning, dunning notice, enforcement) guarantees a legitimate interest. The inquiring party must ensure that inquiries are only made if there is a legitimate interest. It is expressly pointed out that creditPass ® is entitled at any time to check compliance.

Do I have to inform the respective clients before I start a query on them?

In order to be able to obtain information, it is necessary that you refer to this in your terms and conditions, for example. In online shops, we also recommend that you confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions by “actively clicking”.

Do I need special software to use the creditPass® input screen?

No, all you need is internet access and a modern browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox (Mozilla). Numerous modules for easy connection are available for direct connections.

Can creditPass® be integrated directly into my existing system structure?

Yes, that is possible. The direct connection of creditPass takes place via XML interface or via easily installable modules to existing systems (see also Connection types / access ). If you are interested, we will be happy to send you the technical specification.

How do I pay for my creditPass® requests?

As a rule, you will receive a collective invoice by post for each month. A direct debit authorization is generally provided for the settlement of the invoice. Different regulations may apply to some connected partner systems.

Is a creditPass® access transferable to third parties?

No, for reasons of data protection, the accesses are personalized and not transferable. It is also strictly forbidden to provide information purely as a courtesy to third parties.

What is the integrated logic?

Individual query and decision logics can be stored for queries via a direct connection. E.g. Depending on the value of the goods, customer group, etc., the desired checks can then be carried out automatically (query logic). Then, depending on the return values of the credit agencies, a decision is made automatically, such as Selection of suitable payment methods, formed (decision logic).

Are own locks possible?

Both your own blacklists and whitelists of account details or persons are possible and can be managed, maintained and queried via creditPass. In accordance with data protection regulations, this data is not exchanged with third parties.