Check the creditworthiness of natural persons with personal information!

With personal information, private customers or owners of partnerships can be checked for existing negative characteristics with regard to creditworthiness. Depending on the credit agency selected and the type of credit check, personal information provides information about the creditworthiness of the person queried and reports any negative features, such as pending collection procedures, affidavits or other data from debtor registers. With the help of so-called scoring, an assessment of the creditworthiness can be derived, also from sociodemographic data.

Since the various credit agencies use different data sources, it is usually sensible to use several credit agencies in parallel for a credit check. Because collection features in particular are usually stored exclusively with just one provider. Thus, with the number of inquired credit agencies, so does the hit rate and thus the security.


High hit rate with personal information via creditPass®:
  • Parallel credit checks are possible with different providers / credit agencies
  • Individual combination options for personal information or can also be combined with other types of inquiries
  • Negatives and scores available
  • All renowned providers such as SCHUFA, CRIF, Creditreform Boniversum or infoscore available

Check the creditworthiness of companies with a company report!

An assessment of the risk is essential, especially before the start of a new or long-term business relationship. Various variants and data sources are available on creditPass as part of the credit check. A company report offers both a credit check and access to detailed background information such as the annual report, number of employees and other key figures.


The company credit report at creditPass ® :
  • Worldwide company information available
  • From the inexpensive credit rating to extensive company reports
  • I.a. The following key figures are available: creditworthiness, shareholders and functionaries, contact details, company history, number of employees, investments, bank details, credit recommendation, vehicle fleet and business object
  • Depending on the check, late registrations and updates are also possible free of charge in order to identify changes in good time