Credit check online and in real time via creditPass:

All providers – one interface – maximum security!

Credit check with creditPass offers a platform with which you can easily, quickly and inexpensively check the creditworthiness of your customers. The credit check is carried out online and in real time. In this way you gain security and protect yourself against payment defaults. Since creditPass, unlike other providers, has central access to all data sources, you receive maximum protection against fraud and payment disruptions.

The most important questions and answers about credit checks:


Credit check online and in real time for what?

A credit check usually always makes sense, because the following basically applies: Every tenth person in Germany has negative characteristics, whereby within this group of people there are payment disruptions in 80% of cases. There is also the risk of deliberate fraud. These risks can be combated with a credit check.


How can credit reports help?

The aim is to detect fraud attempts or customers with poor credit ratings in good time. Credit reports provide the necessary information for this, especially for new customers for whom no experience is available.


Payment disruptions can be countered by a classic credit check. Because if a person has already attracted negative attention, negative features can most likely be found in the database of a credit agency. Suitable measures in these cases are, for example. Security deposits or, in e-commerce, the exclusion of open payment methods. A quick check is particularly important in e-commerce. With our credit check online and in real time, you can check customers during the checkout.


In addition to checking for negative features, special attention should be paid to the existence of the persons to be queried in order to detect attempted fraud. Because whenever the existence of a person cannot be confirmed, the greatest caution should be applied and, in case of doubt, the secure payment methods should be insisted on! The address and identity verification components that some databases can provide are used for this purpose. Some address checks also include an automated correction of address data so that deliberate or accidental incorrect entries cannot impair the quality of the credit check.


Of course, payment disruptions can also occur with customers who do not yet have any negative entries. Conversely, there are people who have attracted negative attention in the past, but who are now among the “good payers”. Here, for example, within the credit check a scoring can help, which calculates statistical failure probabilities in order to distinguish between the “bad among the good” and the “good among the bad”. Other useful queries are account checks, (credit) card checks or GeoIP.


Basically, the more information there is, the more security!


Why do credit checks with creditPass?

The big problem with the credit check is that the negative features, address and identification information etc. are distributed to different providers, the so-called credit agencies (Schufa, CRIF, Creditrefrom Boniversum etc.) or some checks, such as account checks, are not available from all providers .


Therefore, creditPass enables a check based on a modular principle, ie all relevant checks from all renowned providers can be obtained online and in real time via just one interface and individually combined for each process.


In addition to the Online query mask enables creditPass direct connection an automated credit check with self-configurable logics, with which the optimal query combination is triggered in each case. Depending on the query results and other parameters (e.g. value of goods), the desired decision is then automatically generated (e.g. exclusion of open payment methods). The query sequence takes place online and in real time, so that the test, for example, can run in the background of an online order.


The aim of a credit check is the optimum between a) high turnover, b) low defaults and c) low additional costs. If your own system always had to be changed and new interfaces implemented for optimization, the additional costs would not be justifiable. With creditPass®, on the other hand, optimization through to fine adjustment can be done flexibly at any time. The same applies to malfunctions or maintenance work by a single credit agency. With creditPass® you can fall back on another provider as a makeshift or for an economic comparison.


The advantages of a credit check online and in real time via creditPass ® :
  • All renowned providers of personal information in Germany such as SCHUFA, CRIF, Creditreform Boniversum, infoscore and KSV1870 for Austria and Orell Füssli for Switzerland available
  • International company information
  • All other relevant query types such as Account checks and address verification
  • Individual and flexible query and decision logics
  • Information in seconds
  • Available 24 hours a day – 365 days a year
  • Basically no minimum sales and no minimum term
  • Easy and quick integration across a wide range of Interfaces




Compliance check incl. the legal requirements for countering terrorism, combating money laundering and the identification of the beneficial owner give you the certainty that you have taken all precautions correctly and that you are adhering to the necessary rules for the benefit of customers, employees and suppliers (“compliance”). Our compliance check or compliance check includes, for example, the EU sanctions list, but also their corresponding blacklist (s) from the USA such as DPL, OFAC or others. The so-called PEP checks are becoming increasingly important in Europe. These stand for Politically Exposed Persons. Central officials and mandate holders from foreign countries are listed here. This means that if your company wants to conclude a larger transaction, business, purchase decision or commission agreement with a natural person from abroad, you can quickly see here whether there could be a long-term, damaging conflict of interests. Of course, these various compliance checks cannot fully ensure compliance with legal regulations. Exulpation in retrospect in the event of damage should, however, be easier if an evaluation has been carried out in advance at least systematically with the help of our online compliance check. We offer numerous existing modules for shop systems, but we are also happy to integrate your own shop individually. Of course, individual manual queries are also possible via our system. The queries can be made in real time so that you can make a decision in no time. The automation of the decision-making process is also possible with compliance checks in real time.

Authentication and identification of customers and business partners (ie is the person really who they claim to be?) Can be done using a wide variety of methods. Device-Ident (device identification), Picture-Ident (reading out the images via OCR), Video-Ident, WalkIdent, Speach-Ident (speech recognition), etc. At creditPass you will find the right solution for your requirements. If our existing processes do not yet optimally meet your needs, we will be happy to find an individual solution for your requirements together with our high-performance IT.