creditPass is available in different ways!

creditPass can be used through various access options. Depending on your needs, the creditPass interface can be configured using the manual internet query mask or one Direct connection be used. A query of the creditworthiness or the processing of payments or collections is very easy in both ways.



The manual Internet query mask:
  • Simple queries around the clock!
  • Particularly suitable for real estate agents, lawyers, tax consultants, craftsmen, self-employed, freelance professions and all other professional groups that require advance payments.
  • Recommended for fewer than 100 queries a month.


The automated Direct connection :
  • Useful for more than 100 queries per month or in eCommerce and retail
  • Individual query and decision logics tailored to your needs can be defined
  • Simple connection via an XML interface
  • Numerous modules for shop, payment and ERP systems