Direct connection to creditPass®

The direct connection of your shop system to creditPass is suitable for a higher number of inquiries. Ask about a fixed interface to your primary system (mail order, eCommerce, etc.) all tests in real time. Our results are already delivered during the checkout, so that you can also offer alternative payment methods for your customers. Protect your payments against misuse without drastically reducing the conversion of your shop and losing customers. Integration without great effort is guaranteed via numerous existing shop modules. For self-designed systems, we also offer an individual direct connection to our system. Use the concentrated experience of our IT for this. In the case of smaller inquiries, however, we recommend ours manual internet query mask .

The following information video explains the functionality of creditPass:


There are already firmly integrated standard interfaces for numerous systems. If there is no ready-made solution for the systems you are using, we recommend your own connection via an XML interface.

For further information or for an individual offer, please contact the creditPass team .