Minimize incorrect deliveries with address information and specifically prevent fraud!

Incorrect or incorrect addresses lead to unnecessary inconvenience for providers and customers. Protect yourself against this with address checks!

But address information can also provide important services in the area of fraud prevention. Because if a credit check is carried out with a modified address, the credit bureaus often do not find any hits, even though there are negative features. If, on the other hand, the address is corrected with the help of address information before the credit rating is queried, the result is much more precise.


The advantages of address verification with creditPass®:
  • Used before a credit report, an address check can achieve significantly higher accuracy
  • Typing errors are often enough and the goods do not arrive: Make use of potential savings through avoidable shipping and logistics costs. Don’t let your customers wait unnecessarily for their goods.
  • Reduce wastage in marketing and mailing campaigns
  • Take advantage of price advantages when shipping through standardized addresses and freight routing codes
  • Various address checks, from a simple validation to a deliverability or identity check to relocation information are available

Simple and efficient – address determination

On average, around 10% of the population in Germany change their place of residence every year, people with poor credit ratings even three times as often as wealthy customers.

Identifying addresses via creditPass can help you to find these people!


Address determination via creditPass ® :
  • From an inexpensive query of various databases to a current registration office inquiry
  • Simply enter the previously known address data and the search will start fully automatically
  • If the address inquiry remains unsuccessful, there are no costs whatsoever (exception: registration office inquiry)
  • After the address has been successfully determined, outstanding claims can be recovered