Use ePayment or SEPA-ELV in Germany and Austria with creditPass®

According to studies, the electronic direct debit procedure (ELV) counts due to the simple and convenient payment option and the comparatively low costs (e.g. no discount as with credit cards), both in German eCommerce as well as in other areas, the most popular payment methods. By offering this payment option, which is popular with customers, the customer can be offered significant added value. This helps to lower the abandonment rate and generate additional competitive advantages.

However, there is an increased risk of payment default on the part of the collectors due to the possibility of return debits. This can be countered by a credit check. Risk customers can thus be excluded from ELV and referred to another payment method.
creditPass® offers secure and fully automated processing of the electronic direct debit procedure (ELV) within Germany via various partner systems. In this way, the risk of payment default in existing systems can be easily and effectively reduced by means of an individually adapted credit check.


The ELV at creditPass ® :
  • The ELV enables secure payment transactions at low cost
  • Return debits can be reduced in advance through a credit check via creditPass
  • Fully automated processing of the ELV
  • Also available via partner systems (payment service providers)
  • Simple and convenient payment option for both the customer and the retailer
  • SEPA-ELV additional services such as return debit readout, return debit file, return debit processing and credit file creation possible


Brief overview: Process of an ELV transaction


With the giropay payment processing, creditPass offers a secure payment method with a bank guarantee. With creditPass as a dealer concentrator (HK) for giropay, the dealers do not need to negotiate with all individual bank branches, but receive a tailor-made offer with uniform and reliable conditions. Nevertheless, with creditPass the merchant remains independent of banks, as creditPass is neither the operator of the system, nor are payments made via creditPass accounts ea. Only the commercial billing and service (exclusive to us: creditPass queries as an additional service to bridge old payment procedures and secure them) can be carried out in a simplified manner, as we clear the billing centrally. The retailer receives payments from customers directly into his existing account. This also eliminates the previous payment security costs, debtor expenses / employees, etc. at dealers. Another advantage: We do not have a minimum contract period with giropay either.



The technical processing takes place via the connected headends of the Raiffeisenbank (s), Sparkasse (n), Deutsche Bank, Postbank, Hypovereinsbank Unicredit Group, Targo Bank, Commerzbank and the Comdirect Bank. ING-Diba, Degussa Bank, MLP Bank, National Bank, Oldenburgische Landesbank, Südwestbank, VWFS and Flessabank are also connected to giropay. In terms of security, giropay is similar to the EC-Cash procedure at the POS (PIN number entry) or the submission of a direct debit, but here directly with a view to account coverage and payment security. Customers who have used this procedure once will do so more often due to its simplicity and security and will probably prefer to shop at our creditPass giropay dealers. In the press, the rating for giropay is currently still cautious. Many claim that the German banks came too late on the market with this PayPal competitor. We see it similarly at creditPass. Structurally, however, it is an intelligent, future-proof and, above all, data protection-friendly payment method. The principle of data protection is that as little data as possible is collected. This is guaranteed because the effort of credit agencies and creditworthiness inquiries is no longer necessary here. A check only takes place within the banking system, then there may be a rejection or a direct payment to the account. In this way, customers and dealers can be sure that the completed purchase cannot be used by third parties as a basis for information. In addition, the technology in the payment transactions of German banks and savings banks has worked reliably for decades, gained experience and developed innovatively, especially in recent years. We therefore believe that with giropay we can offer our customers a good product with the personal, fast, competent and reliable service of creditPass as a dealer concentrator.