Compliance check incl. the legal requirements for countering terrorism, combating money laundering and the identification of the beneficial owner give you the certainty that you have taken all precautions correctly and that you are adhering to the necessary rules for the benefit of customers, employees and suppliers (“compliance”). Our compliance check or compliance check includes, for example, the EU sanctions list, but also their corresponding blacklist (s) from the USA such as DPL, OFAC or others. The so-called PEP checks are becoming increasingly important in Europe. These stand for Politically Exposed Persons. Central officials and mandate holders from foreign countries are listed here. This means that if your company wants to conclude a larger transaction, business, purchase decision or commission agreement with a natural person from abroad, you can quickly see here whether there could be a long-term, damaging conflict of interests. Of course, these various compliance checks cannot fully ensure compliance with legal regulations. Exulpation in retrospect in the event of damage should, however, be easier if an evaluation has been carried out in advance at least systematically with the help of our online compliance check. We offer numerous existing modules for shop systems, but we are also happy to integrate your own shop individually. Of course, individual manual queries are also possible via our system. The queries can be made in real time so that you can make a decision in no time. The automation of the decision-making process is also possible with compliance checks in real time.

Authentication and identification of customers and business partners (ie is the person really who they claim to be?) Can be done using a wide variety of methods. Device-Ident (device identification), Picture-Ident (reading out the images via OCR), Video-Ident, WalkIdent, Speach-Ident (speech recognition), etc. At creditPass you will find the right solution for your requirements. If our existing processes do not yet optimally meet your needs, we will be happy to find an individual solution for your requirements together with our high-performance IT.