PM: creditPass receives patent for Digital Euro system from German Patent and Trademark Office – Best solution with application possibilities as Eurodigits®.

PM: creditPass receives patent for Digital Euro system from German Patent and Trademark Office – Best solution with application possibilities as Eurodigits®.

creditPass receives patent for system to the digital euro of the German patent and trademark office – best solution with application type as Eurodigits® in the euro payment transactions or as Co2 saving proofs

Taufkirchen, 01.03.2023 After a thorough examination, the German Patent and Trademark Office has granted creditPass GmbH its patent filed there back in 2006 with various individual claims for the operation of a digital payment system. The now patented process was already presented by creditPass and renowned associations of the European Central Bank ECB in 2008 and 2009 as Virtual Micro Money and recommended for consideration of implementation. Meanwhile, technological advances may make some processes, such as DoubleTap Pay, even easier than originally planned.

The method relies on randomly generated disposable digital tokens with a low individual value, which are then continuously exchanged in the payment process. For the credit card world, digital one-way tokens are already essential for protecting individual credit card information. In this, this patent differs from distributed ledger technology DLT such as Bitcoin, invented in 2008, and successors, whose tokens are designed to last and therefore require high energy in creation and in ongoing operation for documentation. In addition to the cost and energy benefits, security risks are also lower, as each token is only worth a few cents and at the same time its lifespan is short. As “real cash,” after coins and bills in the “third, digital aggregate state,” the process can be fully integrated within existing processes of the central bank, commercial banks, and payment providers. Commercial banks order Eurodigits® tokens from the central bank instead of bills to issue cash. Instead of individual banknotes, customers pick up individual tokens from ATMs or elsewhere and watch their wallets for them, just as before. In the case of e-commerce payments, tokens used for purchase are devalued and new ones are issued to the payee. In this way, the merchant/seller always receives his money securely, and customers no longer have to deal with the extensive personal data collection and storage that has been customary up to now. The procedure also includes young people and people with poor credit ratings on a non-discriminatory basis, who can reliably obtain online services and pay for them on a case-by-case basis without any risk of unwanted long-term debt when using credit cards.

However, the uses extend beyond everyday payments in online stores, retail stores and for digital content. Within the framework of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) initiative of the EU, companies will in future have to demonstrate how they are behaving in the environment of Co2 savings, prevention etc. From the point of view of creditPass GmbH, the procedure now patented could alternatively form a basis for documenting obligations derived from CSRD in an energy-saving, calculable, comparable and transparent manner.

Manfred Wolff, Managing Director of creditPass and inventor of the system: “Back in 2008 and 2009, under the leadership of the BDOA and other associations, we jointly approached the ECB to examine the introduction of a digital euro – in doing so, we were obviously ahead of our time. Today, we in Europe could already be one step ahead in terms of economic performance and independence from international service providers. Functioning money is even more important for Europe than flowing gas. With the help of our proverbial patent solution, the digital financial world can innovatively catch up and gain independence.”

In the euro zone, the possibility of a digital version of the common currency is already being explored, but due to upstream tests, it is not expected to be introduced before 2025. In mid-2021, the European Central Bank had announced for the first time that it would conduct far-reaching audits. Central banks around the world are looking into this issue, and some are already testing digital issues.


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