SEPA Collect GmbH

SEPA Collect GmbH is a professional debt collection service provider with a highly efficient dunning and collection system. SEPA Collect GmbH is approved as a debt collection company by the Munich District Court and is a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Inkassoununternehmen e. V. Through the use of the latest technology, many years of specialist know-how of the debt collection team, multimedia debtor approach and consistent process control based on economic criteria, SEPA Collect achieves high net collection success and return flow for its clients. Among other things, SEPA Collect GmbH has specialized in the processing and collection of return debits. Last year, SEPA Collect GmbH processed around 100,000 collection orders. SEPA Collect offers the full range of receivables management, from commercial reminders to collection dunning procedures and judicial dunning procedures to so-called long-term monitoring of titled claims. The address determination in the event of debtor withdrawal is also done by SEPA Collect. The aim is to achieve an optimal net return. This presupposes, among other things, that the debtors – but also depending on the amount of the claim – only incur costs for which there is a high probability of realization.