For the software solutions BüroWARE and WEBWARE from Softengine GmbH, there are modular creditPass integrations that can be easily activated at any time. The solutions enable an integrated check routine for the order acceptance of the sales channels phone and mail order. In addition to the internal payment experience from the ERP, other parameters such as payment type, customer group or the size of the shopping cart are included in the selection of the queries and provide a clear recommendation for action.


creditPass offers you the following advantages:


  • All credit agencies and query types available in Germany and Austria
  • Optimized cost-benefit ratio (internal scoring and tiered query and decision logic)
  • ready-to-use modular solution / easy installation
  • Full company information directly from the ERP
  • Special conditions


The following video illustrates the function:


In just three steps to activate creditPass®
  1. Installation of creditPass in BüroWARE / WEBWARE (manual creditPass4BüroWARE)
  2. Get activated for creditPass (please contact creditPass)
  3. Configure creditPass in BüroWARE / WEBWARE (see manual)

If you have any technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact the BüroWARE hotline on 0900–5533456-286 (EUR 1.99 / min) or online at .