SEPA-ELV and credit checks via datatrans


creditPass is a partner of datatrans for the processing of the payment method electronic SEPA direct debit (SEPA-ELV). A standard check with the AccountsCheck (4safe ® ) is carried out for every direct debit transaction. Depending on the needs of the retailer, additional query types can be included in the ordering process via creditPass in order to obtain additional security.


  • Management of all ELV payments centrally via the datatrans payment system (authorization, booking, etc.)
  • Reduction of the return debit rate by checking the account details
  • Optional expansion with creditPass ( all credit agencies / all query types ) possible
  • Further additional features ( reading out of return debits , processing of return debits , forwarding of debt collection ) are possible
  • Special conditions


Brief overview: Process of an ELV transaction