DOCYET wins verimi hackathon

DOCYET wins verimi hackathon

At the verimi hackathon on September 20, 2017, the startup DOCYET was able to prevail and wins the 1st prize, which is endowed with 25,000 EUR. The verimi platform is to become the central platform for identification in the near future. In addition to Allianz and Daimler, the platform is being created in cooperation with Axel Springer, CORE, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bank, Telekom and others. In addition to the prize money, DOCYET is also particularly pleased that they are now part of the exclusive go-to-market group. DOCYET has specialized in the automated health market and has established itself with the application idea of making doctor recommendations on the basis of the anonymous health data based on the user’s consent.

Second place went to Nuzzera , who suggested content based on the evaluation of reading behavior. Third place goes to an IoT startup with supplets that wants to adapt the environment perfectly and individually to the identified user. 2nd place was rewarded with EUR 15,000 and 3rd place received EUR 10,000 in prize money. Of course, these two companies are also represented in the Go-To-Markte group and thus have the opportunity to develop applications for the platform from the very beginning.

The jury included representatives from several areas:


Dr. Philipp Kleine Jäger, Transformation Director at COREtransform
Alexander Herrmann, Head of Digital Engineering at Siemens
Martin Ecknig, Head of Region BA Asia-Australia at Siemens
André M. Bajorat, CEO of figo GmbH
Meno Abels, Advisor COREtransform
Prof. Dr. Marian Margraf, Professor of Identity Management at the Free University of Berlin


The verimi platform is planned to go live at the turn of the year. With this offer, the user saves his name and a password once in order to be able to access the already connected applications of the companies involved. The time-consuming entry of personal data for each new application and the administration of multiple passwords for different websites are no longer necessary. When registering, users should also expressly decide which data they would like to pass on to partner companies by giving their consent. Via verimi, users themselves determine which data they want to pass on to whom (so-called opt-in) and can thus actively protect their own privacy within the framework of secure electronic communication (“e-privacy”).

Further information can be found directly at verimi